Develop a thorough understanding of the company, In close collaboration with the client: Company products and/or services; industry knowledge; nature of the competitive environment in which it operates; unique challenges faced by the company; Company culture and character; Expectations for the incoming executive.A clear understanding of each of these factors has a direct bearing on the formulation of a highly focused position description and targeted statement of qualifications.

Candidate Identification: Identification of potential candidates who are evaluated against the specific selection criteria. As a list of potential candidates is developed and screened, we encourage active client participation in further evaluation of provisionally qualified candidates. When a core group of the most highly qualified potential candidates is identified, Ebert Wolfe & Co. will manage and coordinate candidate interviews by the company. Throughout the process, we are in close contact with the company, incorporating feedback and, as required, adjusting the search criteria based on that feedback. In addition, we maintain close contact with potential candidates and facilitate client/candidate communications.

Search Completion: An executive search is only complete when the right candidate has been both identified and successfully recruited.
Ebert Wolfe & Co. advises on and facilitates this final, critical step in the process. From background and reference checks, through the structuring and negotiating the offer of employment, including issues of compensation, we will work with the company to ensure success in recruiting the right executive.

Ebert Wolfe & Co. makes it our business to understand and value the needs of both sides of the relationship in order to create a successful match for all parties involved. Our professionals pay close attention to the importance of building a dynamic, collaborative team that enhances a client's competitive edge.

Ebert Wolfe & Co. accepts only assignments which we can successfully complete in a timely and professional manner.

  • Ebert Wolfe & Co. regards all information concerning the business affairs of a client as confidential.

  • Integrity and reputation within the industries we serve are of utmost importance to Ebert Wolfe & Co. ​

Therefore, we will not accept an assignment that conflicts with the interest of our clients.

Our Principle Operating Standards

  • To strive to be the most responsive and professional search firm with whom our clients do business.


  • To conduct our relations with clients, candidates and the community in a manner consistent with conventional codes of ethics and best practices.

Our Mission

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Our Process

Executive Search success is the product of many factors. Identifying, recruiting and retaining outstanding senior executive talent is key to every organization’s success. And, while senior leadership has long been identified as central to organizational success, the changed business environment has made executive leadership talent even more critical. The increasingly global economy presents many new and attractive business opportunities, but also creates a more demanding and challenging business environment. Every company, whether privately-held or publicly-traded, is significantly impacted by the changing environment irrespective of its size, industry, or location. Navigating the unique challenges to capitalize on opportunities in a more global economy requires senior executives with a different, broader set of skills and experiences.

Ebert Wolfe & Co. is well equipped to identify and recruit such senior executive talent in partnership with our clients. As a result of our past experience, we have a better understanding than most executive search firms of the unique qualities and skills that are required of the executive. And, we have the knowledge, experience and processes to successfully identify and recruit highly qualified professionals looking to make a change in their executive careers.

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